Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ)

Product Description

The ALQ Report is available in both a multi-rater version (ALQ Multirater) and a self rating only version (ALQSelf). MLQ International only delivers these in association with its own Accredited Network.

The four scales comprising the ALQ and two rater outcome scales, address the following questions:

  1. A leader’s self awareness – to what degree is the leader aware of his or her strengths, limitations?
  2. A leader’s transparency - to what degree does the leader reinforce a level of openness with others that provides them with an opportunity to be forthcoming with their ideas, challenges and opinions?
  3. A leader’s ethical/moral conduct – to what degree does the leader set a high standard for moral and ethical conduct?
  4. A leader’s balanced processing – to what degree does the leader solicit sufficient opinions and viewpoints prior to making important decisions.
  5. Rater outcome scales (in the multi-rater version): satisfaction and extra effort.

The Authentic Leadership scale (including two outcome scales and three narrative questions in the multi-rater version) has been developed and validated by Bruce J. Avolio, William L. Gardner & Fred O. Walumbwa through a range of global research studies. See the references section for published research on this important extension dimension of ’leadership’ at the individual level.

The ALQ Multirater Report uses two of the rater outcomes scales of the MLQ360 scale (satisfaction and extra effort) and also asks the same three open-ended questions as does the MLQ360. Unlike the MLQ360, the ALQ multi-rater assessment does not collect rater data in four sub-categories – ‘above’, ‘peer’, ‘below’ and ‘other’ groups.

Product Description

Report Features

32 pages comprising concept and measures description, direct and indirect leadership commentary, purpose of the ALQ Report, and about the ALQ Report structure.

The ALQ Report Structure:

  1. Authentic leadership overview
  2. Scale profile and normative comparison
  3. Strengths and developmental opportunities
  4. Authentic leadership item ratings
  5. Narrative feedback
  6. Personal leadership development section.


The ALQ assessment and report is an ideal companion to the MLQ360 Report or MLQSelf Report. It extends these established Full Range Leadership Model (™Bass and Avolio) behavioural assessments into ratings of the important areas perception concerning leadership as described – a leader’s self-awareness, their transparency, their ethical/moral conduct, and their balanced processing.

A short 40 item scale, with on-line data capture capability: takes only 10 minutes to complete.

Implemented through the MLQ Network at the usual MLQ International ethical and privacy standards. These standards are consistent with the International Test Commission (ITC) Guidelines and are based on the Code of Ethics of the Australian Psychological Society to ensure the protection of the end client.

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