Overview – Accreditation Courses & Workshops

MLQ Leadership Services, with Deakin University, conducts an excellent online accreditation course:

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  • Full MLQ Accreditation
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    So, wherever you are in the world, you too can learn how to understand the MLQ5X scale and give comprehensive high quality feedback on MLQ Reports. Register your interest in. See Master Calendar Click here

    Leadership - Management Assessment and Development Courses

    Accreditation courses:

    • The transparent gold bar research evidence base for each assessment
    • The facilitation of scientifically-supported objective feedback
    • Strategies for reliably interpreting report profiles to achieve optimal performance outcomes for each leader-manager
    • The place of subjectivity, objectivity, commitment and ownership
    • Making use of the trilogy of assessments - individual, group and organisation levels simultaneously
    • Establishing active project evaluation systems
    • Professionalism and practice ethics at the “high end”
    • Linking assessment for development with organisational appraisal systems

    Convening MLQ Courses – Approach, Places and Dates

    MLQ Leadership Services Courses / Workshops are convened in particular cities on dates that suit interested persons / parties who have registered their interest with MLQ Leadership Services.
    This is an “opt-in approach” not an approach that “steers people into our preferred times and dates”! We actively follow up those who have registered their interest with us using the prescribed form below.

    All accreditation courses
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    Specialist Leadership Coaching Workshop

    • Professional coaching and extension interventions for development using an appropriate repertoire of evidence-based leadership theories, including but not restricted to the Full Range Leadership Model (™Bass and Avolio).
    • No pre-requisites.

    All accreditation courses are based on the extensively validated Full Range Leadership Model (™Bass and Avolio). and satisfactory completion is required to access any MLQ Leadership Services assessments to ensure high quality practice standards. The MLQ360 is not delivered to clients without proper facilitation of feedback.

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