Course 1: Facilitation Assessment – Individual Level Accreditation


1. Two days of face to face workshops plus follow-through guided reading for a competency test with on-line assessment practice to achieve course completion and operational readiness.

2. Online MLQ360 Certification Course. See Master Calendar Click here

Outcome benefits

The course provides accreditation in the 24/7 use of high control data-management systems for Four Standard Reports and Custom Extension and Stand-alone assessments through the advanced operating systems (eMLQ and eTOS):

  • Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ360; MLQSelf)
  • Comparison Longitudinal Report (CLR)
  • Appraisal Report (ART)
  • Extension Custom Assessments in data-collection
  • Custom Stand-alone Assessments in data-collection
  • Internet – email and paper implementation methods.

Once accredited Network Members receive the MLQ e-Newsletter 360 degree Feedback three times a year. Each edition features an article of interest to practitioners along with MLQ news, products and services update information.


  • Provides a grounding in the Full Range Leadership Model and its unparalleled transparent Gold Bar Standard research base
  • Best professional practice in 360 data collection for assessment
  • How to provide effective feedback to enable client accommodation and ownership of the assessment
  • Engaging the client in the development of a unique leadership development plan based on MLQ360 feedback
  • The application of the MLQSelf Report for training and “teaser” purposes,
  • The implementation of pre– post– comparative reports (CLR) with groups of leader-managers to evaluate development intervention effectiveness
  • The use of the add-on Appraisal Report (ART) to powerfully link development and performance appraisal.


"I found the certification workshop extremely valuable in developing both my knowledge of the MLQ system and my practical skills as a coach. The insightful feedback provided by both Ray Elliott, the facilitator and the other program participants, all highly competent professionals, during the practical sessions, was very helpful" - Michael Murray, New South Wales.

Maintaining Currency

MLQ Leadership Services does not charge annual license fees. But it does expect Network Members to keep up-to-date with its range of products and services so they can be represented well. After 3 years of inactivity either attending an update session or repeating an accreditation workshop will be required to maintain accreditation status and currency.

Course materials supplied:

Practice Reference Manual; Two volumes of Research Readings; Sample Reports & Plans; Marketing Materials; information-rich CD.

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