MLQ International On-line Accreditation Course with Deakin University

Leadership and Organisational Change:
Multiple - level Assessment, Coaching, and Development.


1. Understanding Leadership: Developing and implementing organisation wide change.

2. Leadership assessment of individuals and best feedback practice to establish objective evidence-based developmental goals and plans with buy-in.
(Includes MLQ360 Report facilitation)

3. The assessment of 'shared leadership in groups' and 'leadership culture in organisations' related to outcome performance, coaching and development.
(Includes MLQTeam & ODQ Report facilitation)

4. The practice of executive coaching: an evaluation framework and case study.

Five equivalent study days taken flexibly over seven weeks.

What is provided: screen shows, many resource materials including practical manuals and sample reports, marketing and client training materials.

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Leadership and Organisational Change Course

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  • Cost AU$2,263 (incl. GST if Australian resident); approximately US$1,750 or 1,300 Euro. (US$ and Euro costs are indicative. Exchange rates are subject to change.)

    The Australian Psychological Society has endorsed the Deakin MLQ International Online Course and it will attract 49 Specialist Professional Development points for members of the following APS Colleges:
    Counselling, Sport & Organisational. Members of other APS Colleges and non-College members may claim the equivalent generalist points.

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    "It is a very good course in the sense that one does not have to travel to attend. eLive sessions are really informative. I will be able to market and apply the theory and systems in our Company."
    Beata Kapolo; Agricultural Bank of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia

    "Far exceeded my expectations of an online course. Professional yet comfortable and lively environment for learning and sharing the course.
    Course flexibility is ideal for working professionals:     

  • Sharing experiences with participants from various backgrounds     
  • Course moderators/facilitators were prompt in answering and clarifying queries     
  • Provision of course materials and articles."
    Claudine Ng Bested; Nimbus International, Milwaukee, USA

    "I loved working with my online learning partner. Great international flavour, great material and recordings; ample resources to read and listen to; available modules to work through in own time."
    Dr. Yvonne Sum; The Human Enterprise, Sydney, Australia

    "Refreshes my academic knowledge and introduces a new set of tools, including the MLQ360, to my organisational psychologist toolkit. Josie is an expert in online technology, and Ray is truly expert in the MLQ and its application - a great combination to lead this course. There's lots of good material to cover; very fast-paced programming."
    Gina McCredie; AOP Consulting, Melbourne, Australia

    "This course has been run extremely well and the MLQ team have adapted well to cater for the needs of the course participants. The opportunity has been very beneficial for me and I thank-you for making the course available."
    Gery Karantzas; Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

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