Course 2: Specialist Leadership Coaching Workshop

Explores the professional practice of coaching for leadership development through the coach-coachee ‘reflective space’ within organisational contexts.

Workshop methods include experiential adult learning to integrate coachee learning with a range of sound scientifically-supported evidence-based leadership models.

Key learning process drivers are considered, including the place of coach facilitative and expert knowledge and skills, interactions with - and feedback from - the organisational context, and the practice of appropriate advanced ethics.

One day workshop. No MLQ Leadership Course Prerequisites, but MLQ Facilitation Accreditation is an advantage.

Outcome benefits

Reflection on best professional practice in coaching for leadership development as a specialist dimension relevant to much coaching practice in business, executive, and management coaching.

  • Introduction to a range of evidence-based scientific leadership theories.
  • Personal integration and skills practice for coaches.
  • Exploring understandings of the coach-coachee reflective space and the associated skills and processes that drive coachee leadership development.


  • Defining the purpose, scope and evaluation methods, and establishing sound contracting with the organisation and coachee(s).
  • Case studies about how objective evidence-based knowledge can be utilised to refine subjective implicit beliefs and values about effective leadership – management in organisations.
  • The application of empirically derived leadership knowledge relevant for leadership development, including The Full Range Leadership Theory (™Bass and Avolio) and other evidence-based theories.
  • Working with and beyond development plans.
  • Sources of goals and objectives for leadership development.
  • The necessary consideration of the embedded organisational context for coachees and utilising system feedback boosters.
  • The coach-coachee working alliance in the total coaching for leadership development framework.

The features of the ODQ Report and how it may be used in organisations for benchmarking, diagnostics, mapping leadership culture and coherence variations, and as a means of direct interventions achieve change in leadership culture over time.

Course materials supplied:

Resource Folder (143 pages); a volume of Research Readings; Coaching Strategies & Exercises; useful Mental Models; Marketing Materials; information-rich CD.

Investment cost:

see pull-down pdf flyers:
Australia, New Zealand & Singapore / SE Asia.
General International.

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Additional background information:

Seven propositions for specialist leadership coaching.
Book flyer and order form: Evidence-based Coaching: Volume 1. Theory, research and practice from the behavioural sciences.

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