Our Accredited Network

The MLQ Accredited Network consists of:

There are many Accredited MLQ Trained Facilitators and Specialist Leadership Coaches –

  • Throughout Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore and South East Asia, and
  • Internationally.

… for leadership assessment and development in a wide range or organisations and professions.

Accessing the Accredited Network

Accredited Network Resource Area – for Members Only:          

The MLQ Accredited Network comprises experienced senior and middle managers, organisation leaders, HR and training personnel, psychologists and organisational psychologists, professional facilitators and coaches specialising in leadership development in a diverse range or organisations and professions – including at top organisational levels (CEO’s, Boards, top executive management).

The MLQ Network is able to provide:

  • Customised on-the-job effective leadership development strategies.
  • Individual level leadership assessments – full MLQ360 degree report implementation and feedback , MLQSelf reports, Comparative Longitudinal Reports (CLR) and Appraisal Reports (ART).
  • Group and team level leadership assessments – incorporating the MLQTeam assessment.
  • Organisational leadership culture assessments – incorporating the Organisational Description Questionnaire (ODQ).
  • Follow-through plan development for individuals and groups.
  • On-going coaching for leadership development – individuals and groups.
  • Organisational interventions – operations, culture, strategy and core values.
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