Accessing the MLQ Network:

Within Australia MLQ Leadership Services –

  • receives requests from individuals and organisations through its public profile
  • briefly considers and evaluates the client’s needs
  • selects one or two (*) Accredited Network Members for an introduction to the client organisation
  • passively monitors the successful completion of the project for quality control in case of any unforeseen difficulties that may arise
  • is usually involved in some end project evaluation through a simple triangulation arrangement established at the project set-up

A quite modest fee structure with the Accredited Network is disclosed to the client organisation for these introduction services by MLQ Pty Ltd.
(* more depending on the scope of the project).

Internationally MLQ Leadership Services -

follows the same procedure as above or client organisations may contact the following MLQ Accredited Network persons direct.

Advising MLQ Pty Ltd of such initiatives is appreciated.

MLQ Leadership Services - International Accredited Network

Region Name Company Email address
Singapore/ Malaysia/ Philippines Prabu Naidu Learning Matters
Singapore Manju Melwani Brain Work Training
Singapore TOH Shi Min Civil Service College
Singapore A/Prof. Patrick KP Chan Nanyang Technological University
Singapore Stewart Arnold Change Focus Consulting
Singapore HAN Ngi Juan Yokogawa Engineering
New Zealand (Auckland) Warwick Thorley TW Consulting
New Zealand (Auckland) Graham Watson Graham B. Watson & Associates
Oman and Middle East Dr Josephine Palermo Deakin University
England (London) Dr. Mahoney-Phillips UBS PB HR Enquire: MLQ Office
England (London) Sarah Worth UBS PB HR
Switzerland Paul Vanderbroeck Learning Network Services
Switzerland Claudine Ng  

For referrals to other MLQ Associates in USA, Europe, Africa, China and any additional information please contact MLQ Pty Ltd.

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