Accreditation Policies

The following are the current policies and practices in place for recruitment into MLQ Leadership Services Courses, training and accreditation certification:


Accredited MLQ Facilitators are drawn from suitably experienced and qualified people. These include psychologists, HR professionals, managers, management consultants, academics and post-graduate students working in relevant disciplines.
MLQ Pty Ltd (trading as MLQ Leadership Services) reserves the right to not admit persons to Accreditation Workshops if it is not satisfied that the applicant has appropriate background training, qualifications and experience.

Registration of Interest and Application

Privacy and Ethics Policies

MLQ Pty Ltd is compliant with federal and state government privacy legislation, namely the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (Cth) and the Victoria Health Records Act 2001 (Vic.). Network members are therefore required to sign off on this Privacy Policy.
MLQ Pty Ltd also accepts the jurisdiction of the National Ethics Committee of the Australian Psychological Society in matters of professional ethical practice and operates according to the high APS standards in this area.

Ethics and Privacy

Undertaking an MLQ360 personally

It is the policy and practice of MLQ Pty Ltd that participants seeking MLQ360 Facilitation – Individual Level Accreditation nominate a set of raters and receive their own personal MLQ360 Report. Among other things, this ensures that participants are familiar with the facilitation processes involved in the collection of data, and in the production and delivery of a personal MLQ360 Report - which can contain sensitive information. This policy and practice enables intending Network Members to experience these processes and the report personally for themselves before they in turn implement such facilitation and delivery processes for clients. This requirement also gives an opportunity for intending Network Members to see MLQ Leadership Services ethics in action, and to consider and explore the reasons for these policies in the course workshop.

Attendance at an Accreditation Workshop and Additional Time Requirements.

Participants are required to attend an experientially-based adult learning principles-driven workshop (*). Additionally approximately 50% to 80% of workshop time should be allocated for follow-through reading of the extensive materials supplied and completion of the course-based competency test. Generally the standard of these accreditation courses is at University Master’s course level (post-graduate).
(* on-line course conference facilities are under development at world benchmark levels for easy access international participation)

Satisfactory Completion of Competency Test

Participants are expected to complete an MLQ Course Competency Test on-line soon after the MLQ Accreditation Workshop. This is an evaluation of their understanding of all facets of the MLQ Accreditation Workshop, extensive course materials supplied, the assessment reports and associated key background research.
The Competency Tests serve three inter-related functions:

  1. To monitor how successful the Accreditation Workshop and Accreditation Manuals are in providing training.
  2. To test the understanding and skill level of participants to ensure satisfactory competence prior to their accreditation; and
  3. To provide an opportunity for participants to revisit the learning material from the Accreditation Workshop, extend and consolidate their understanding and confidence in working with the MLQ products and services.


Course participants are expected to sign an Agreement at the completion of the course workshop which acknowledges –

  • receipt of copyright materials
  • the restrictions and permission guidelines relevant to their use
  • the standards which are applicable, and
  • the independent contractor nature of the relationship of the Accredited Facilitator to MLQ Pty Ltd.

MLQ Pty Ltd reserves the right to remove accreditation from any Accredited Network Member who is found not to be operating at these standards.

Accreditation and Keeping Up to Date

On satisfactory completion of steps ‘1’ to ‘6’ above, MLQ Pty Ltd accredits the person for an initial period of three years – which period is automatically extended on reasonable activity levels and evidence of currency for continued currency with MLQ Leadership Services.

Reviewing the MLQ Accredited Network Newsletter 360 degree Feedback is an expected part of maintaining currency. It is published three times a year.

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Undertaking practice using the eMLQ and eTOS data-management sites.

Each course participant is expected to undertake practice with the eMLQ and eTOS systems prior to their first facilitation of an MLQ assessment report.
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