Our Positioning

In what do you have confidence?

Many decisions about leadership and management assessment by organisations are unfortunately are based on –

  • Selecting the ‘right person’ for the job
  • Subjective judgments about “what counts” in leadership and management
  • What others use by way of leadership and management assessments
  • Internet or email delivered to save face-to-face facilitation costs
  • Who has used a measure before and whether they “like it”
  • Whether the person recommending an assessment is trusted
  • Developing leadership competencies by following the “cloning method”: ask those who are highly regarded as leader-managers about “what counts”
  • Whether the decision-makers think it “feels right”.

An opinion -

Professor Avolio, now Director of the Gallup Leadership Institute in Washington, USA and holder of the Clifton Chair of Leadership at the College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska said, addressing over 100 Organisational Psychologists in Melbourne –

“Leadership is learnable. In fact … based on research only 30% of leadership ability can be attributed to inherited traits such as intelligence, … the other 70% can be developed.”

He further suggested –

That if all the leadership activity halted in the world for a year, “probably not a whole lot would change”. Gallup had estimated that over 14 billion dollars were spent in the USA every year on leadership.

References: www.groups/psychology/org.au/cop/resources; Source: Luthans, Youssef & Avolio (2007). Psychological Capital: Developing the Human Competitive Edge. Oxford Press.

Our response -

We assist government, business and industry to access, use and apply the best IP in leadership and management assessment that exists – with the confidence that comes with the The Gold Bar Standard

For us this means seven things in practice –

  1. Using scientifically reliable and valid measures of leadership and management influencing that predict outcomes and impacts on others with strong associated probabilities: at multiple levels – individuals, groups and organisational culture.
  2. Providing the best high control secure data-collection and management systems designed around high control, high standards of privacy protection, and reliable practice of the ethics of confidentiality, transparency and informed consent.
  3. Training and supporting a competent network of internal and external practitioners to work with the data-management systems and provide professional feedback de-briefing to enable the accurate and balanced accommodation of report feedback.
  4. Educating clients and client organisations about “what counts in leadership assessment” by crossing the gap between the best scientific research and actual practice. Also constantly working for optimal integration with people “on-the-job”.
  5. Demonstrating and enabling comprehensive follow-through strategies and resources for on-going leadership development: coaching, group development, system boosters for development, and thorough personal and organisational evaluation.
  6. Encouraging and facilitating research on program and project evaluation for developing effective leadership.
  7. Backing up with a range of research capabilities from basic “routine testing and evaluation” levels to sophisticated world class leading edge innovative research with top international independent researchers.

In what do you have confidence?

In what does your organisation place its trust? Why?

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