The Appraisal Report - ART

(Building on the MLQ360 with Groups of Leader-managers)

Product Description

The Appraisal Report (ART) is an add-on to the MLQ360 when it is applied to groups of leader-managers. This is the group appraisal link in the MLQ Leadership and Management Assessment System.

It appropriately scales the data-collected from MLQ360 assessment and combines this in ways determined by the client organisation with data collected from other appraisal scales of the company implemented through the Custom Survey extension capability of eMLQ.


Too often appraisal and development do not meet! The ART addresses this issue by taking the data from a group of MLQ360 using a dedicated local company norm and scaling this in combination with other assessment scales designed by the organisation for standard appraisal purposes.

On the one hand, The ART is effective in providing an objective tool for leader-managers in organisations to help them understand what is expected from them … and what is needed from them to gain improvement. On the other, by linking ‘The ART’ to the MLQ360 “the anti is upped" for both the individual and the organisation about what the MLQ360 report has to say.

Features of ART include -

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  • The ART combines MLQ360 group leader-manager data with a number of additional organisation-specific questions (the number of such Indexes can range from 1 to 100)
  • This information is customised by enabling it to be scaled and grouped into the desired number of company-driven appraisal categories
  • The resultant information is reported with percentile reference to the specially-created company group norm for internal comparison purposes.
  • The MLQ360 scores are also reported as percentiles against the Australian norm data or one of the established seventeen industry sectors.
  • The results of each index are weighted and aggregated to the company’s specifications … and a final appraisal score is reported within the range of appraisal categories nominated by the organisation.

Care is taken by Accredited Facilitators in setting up ART projects to consult with the organisation about its existing and future needs in appraisal, and to appropriately inform all raters of the two stage development and appraisal purposes for which MLQ360 data is collected.