Comparative Longitudinal Report (CLR)

(Building on the MLQ360 with Groups of Leader-managers)

Product Description

The Comparative Longitudinal Report is an add-on to the MLQ360 when it is applied to groups of leader-managers. This is the group development evaluation feedback link in the MLQ Leadership and Management Assessment System.

The CLR examines the MLQ360 data collected from a group of Leaders and their Raters at two different points in time. Significance tests are applied for changes in the group during this period. Descriptive reporting is also provided.

The CLR supports pre- post- intervention and training evaluations for a group of leader-managers. It builds on the strengths of the MLQ360 given its now proven reliability and validity as an assessment instrument.


Too often little or no research is undertaken about the effectiveness of training, coaching and group development interventions. The CLR is designed to address this need in an efficient way so enabling better program and intervention evaluations.

CLR Features include -

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  • An assessment of changes in MLQ360 leadership styles and reported outcome measures for both the group of leader-managers and for each individual Leader comprising it
  • Reports tests to determine whether such changes may be considered statistically significant
  • Presents and compares the pre post Full Range Leadership Profiles for each Leader individually but without identifying each person
  • Provides interpretative comments.

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