Customised Surveys

(Extension and Stand-Alone)

Product Description

This extension facility for all assessments through either eMLQ or eTOS allows an organisation to set up, through an Accredited MLQ Facilitator – their own stand-alone survey instrument for collecting data on questions of particular interest to the organisation.

Such surveys can be either stand-alone (independent of any MLQ Leadership Services Assessment) or as an add-on extension to an existing MLQ product.

Applications can include, for instance, established competencies questions being used for appraisal purposes or climate – staff satisfaction surveys.

Recent Upgrade Announcement:

From January 2009, the new Multi-Scale Extension Survey replaces the old Single-Scale Extension Survey.

  • Now there is the opportunity to set up to 5 different scales in separate sections.
  • You have the opportunity to set up Rater and/or Leader questions that correspond with each of the scales.
  • Also, as always, there is the opportunity to set some open-ended text questions at the end.

    Data gathered is collected within the MLQ Privacy Policy framework to the Accredited Network Member. Services can be provided to produce reports to for the needs of the client organisation.

    This capability enables –

    • the establishment of the MLQ360 ad-on for ART
    • research between Full Range Leadership Model Assessment Trilogy and other desired organisation surveys.

    MLQ Leadership Services works with Doctoral Research Associates and internationally recognised Professorial Senior Research Associates to assist, advise, analyse and report on these projects.

    Contact MLQ Leadership Services or your local Accredited MLQ Facilitator to discuss your organisation’s needs.

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