Advanced high control quality data-management systems for MLQ and other custom reports – eMLQ and eTOS

eMLQ (360 configuration)
eTOS (straight survey configuration)

These facilities are benefits the MLQ International Accredited Network enjoys.

The MLQ360 and custom reports can be implemented through the eMLQ website.
This is a high control, easy-to-use, intuitive, high capacity, secure, advanced Internet data collection and administration facility owned and operated by MLQ Pty Ltd Melbourne. It is located on the MLQ website at and has been exclusively designed, developed and road tested in an extensive range of contexts through the MLQ Accredited Network and continuously refined with additional features since 2003.

eMLQ now represents 'state-of-the-art functional design with a comprehensive set of features for best practice 360 degree assessment'.

  • Automated logins (direct from unique links in eMLQ notification emails)
  • Automated notification emails (to inform those involved of their nomination)
  • 100% facilitation control by Accredited Network members
  • Addition of Leaders (MLQ360 Report subjects)
  • Due date setting, approval, release and follow-up of emails to nominated Raters
  • Customised emails to participants that appear to come from the Accredited facilitator
  • Easy project status checking and report ordering
  • Automated Informed Consent emails where necessary
  • Single page Response
  • Option to include 2nd custom extension survey - for example, to capture data for the client organisation’s own value statements and survey needs

The MLQSelf, MLQTeam and ODQ can be implemented through the eTOS website.
eTOS stands for Self, Team and Organisational Leadership assessments. Its features mirror those of the eMLQ site except 360 degree configuration is not involved. Users of eMLQ and eTOS feel at home in either environment as a result of their functional design consistency.

This includes the option to include a 2nd custom extension survey as an extension to any standard MLQSelf, MLQTeam or ODQ assessment – or as a stand-alone survey. So a team or whole organisation can be easily surveyed with up to 200 questions specifically designed by the facilitator / client organisation. This feature allows the collection of data from existing organisation or company surveys in the one pass – so setting up the opportunity for research against validated MLQ Products at the Gold Bar Standard.

Testimonials from our independent Accredited Network Members:

“The eMLQ and eTOS websites are not just on-line easy-to-use, reliable and secure data collection facilities. They represent a total product and support suite for the sophisticated practitioner who demands valid assessment instruments, automated administration, remote site control, and customised add-ons that meet the highest of ethical standards.”

David Holzworth
Principal, Change Focus Group Pty Ltd

"We've been using the eMLQ and eTOS websites for the last couple of years and they have been great. They've saved us so much time and with so many easy to use features they make the MLQ data collection process a breeze."

Belinda Ward
Senior Partner, Finance and Administration
The Human Enterprise

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