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Personal MLQ360° Report a 43 page easy-to-read full colour report capturing feedback from up to 24 raters clustered in four sub-groups. Provides comprehensive graphics showing research benchmarks to drive optimal performance in addition to multiple norms for comparisons. All data is reported, de-identified, within a high control ethics and privacy policy and practice framework. This ensures the appropriate anonymity of raters. The resultant MLQ360 Profile Report consequently establishes a sound basis for extensive on-going plan review with leadership development coaching and training. The MLQ360 is suitable for very senior executives down to middle management and beyond. 45 items plus 11 demographic questions.

Add-on capabilities: CLR / Extension Questions / The ART

  • Groups of MLQ360s before and after development form the basis of an extension pre-post Comparative Longitudinal Report the CLR.
  • Up to 200 custom designed extension questions be added for a variety of local context purposes.
  • A group of MLQ360s and extension questions can form a dedicated organisation norm for an extension Appraisal Report that links organisational appraisal systems with MLQ assessments The ART.

MLQ Self Report - a 12 page full colour report using the same MLQ5x scale that provides a simple self-assessment enabling the leader-manager to image their own self-perceptions in terms of the Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM) so enabling refinement of their own implicit leadership-management theories. Useful for group training and programs to introduce the FRLM. 45 items plus 11 routine demographic questions.

Leadership Development Plan (LDP) a systematic e-way of assisting the development of a unique plan based on MLQ360 feedback using additional item selection resources to aid commitment and customization for individual leaders.

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