Report Implementation and Administration

All reports can be delivered by email same-day, or colour printed and bound. All products can be implemented through email or paper and are done so at the highest ethical standards, maintaining confidentiality.

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire can be implemented through any one of three technologies all of which share similar facilitation assumptions and the same ethical and privacy standards. This enables data from a mixture of the three technologies to be integrated to overcome any limitations to the client communication systems.

The eMLQ website

An internet-based data collection and administration website. Designed and managed by MLQ Pty Ltd Melbourne, we believe it is the most efficient and simple to use 360° feedback website around today. Some experiences from our Accredited Network.

Features include:

  • automated logins (direct from the link in our notification email)
  • automated notification emails (to inform those involved of their nomination)
  • 100% control by Accredited Network members - you control:
  • addition of Leaders (MLQ Report subjects) to the website
  • due dates and release of emails to nominated Raters
  • personalized emails to participants (appear to come from you)
  • automated reminder emails
  • automated Informed Consent emails where necessary
  • single page Response
  • option to include 2nd questionnaire - for example the client company's own values statements.

Email MLQ Excel file

Our tried and tested Email form of MLQ Questionnaires using Excel file technology is a solution for those companies where Raters may have restricted access to the Internet.

The Excel file MLQ360 is fully self-contained with instructions and is personalised by name, form number, and relative organisational level. These files are automatically generated by a macro (that exists only in the MLQ Facilitator file).

Compiling data from the rater returns is also automated. The MLQ Facilitator file even counts the number of replies from each organisational level and reminds you if Informed Consent is required due to possible identification of response from a low response rate from a particular sub-group with a report.

Paper MLQ

For those Raters that may not have confidential or no email access, or for those who simply prefer paper, the MLQ Questionnaire is still available in printed scan form format.

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