Leadership Development Plans (LDP) - Included with all MLQ360 Reports

Product Description

The unique MILDERS leadership plan roll out process systematically implements the scientifically supported objectives for leadership development arising from the MLQ 360 Report Profile and unique MLQ International Feedback Accommodation Session delivered by the MLQ Accredited Network.

Leaders may, in part, be born. But they are certainly also made through combined internal and external coaching based on the solid Full Range Leadership Development Model (Bass and Avolio) to achieve performance beyond expectations.

Too often staff and management development stops at assessment and neglects the development of leaders in an organisation. Simply sending them to external "off the shelf" workshops has been shown to be of limited value (e.g. The Karpin Report).

However, dedicated on-the-job training through:

  • professional coaching partnerships
  • the establishment of affective coaching "boosters" within each organisation
  • the Full Range Leadership Model, and
  • individually-tailored leadership development plans.

...results in development related to outcomes

Receiving an MLQ or MLQTeam Profile Assessment Report provides the basis for on-going coaching, training and development plans for individual leaders or a group.

Accredited MLQ Management Coaches are trained to produce dedicated group and individual Leadership Development Plans (LDPs) on the basis of MLQ Leadership Services assessments efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

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Development of an LDP Individual Level

For individual leaders, a Leadership Development Plan (LDP) is established in one or two additional sessions following each leader's initial feedback session with an MLQ360 Profile Report.

The plan is based on the objectives for leadership development arising from the MLQ360 assessment and is unique to each leader. It is developed by the coach using additional resources provided to the Accredited Network Member in Facilitation training.

Draft LDP (DLDP)