MLQ 360 Assessment Report

(Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire)

Product Description

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) is the fruit of an international testing, revision and validation excess of twenty years at the gold bar standard.

  • It is widely used as the research benchmark for leadership in hundreds of published studies linking it to many areas of organisational performance, the big five personality factors, traits, occupational safety and so on.
  • The nine leadership styles assessed at the individual level by the MLQ5x has been found to be the preferred model in confirmatory factor analyses across cultures and different contexts (Antonakis, 2002).
  • The MLQ5x results are summarised in the FRLModel a simple memorable theory about the backbone of leadership to which all other theories should seek to relate (House, 2002).
  • So the MLQ5x scale is much more than "another tool": it enables profiling of validated leadership profiles, across cultures, different organisational types and at different organisational levels (Bass, 1997).

What is the MLQ5x scale?

The MLQ5x scale uses four questions to assess each of eight behavioural sub-scales and one attribute sub-scales scale. Collectively these span the most effective exemplary influencing styles through to quite defective influencing by a leader-managers' followers and associates in organisations. Consequently application of the MLQ5x generates an extensive range of optimal through to sub-optimal profiles. These have the diagnostic power of linking various leadership patterns to many predictable outcomes.

Sub-scale dimensions of the MLQ5x include:

  • Transformational Leadership (TF):
  • Transactional Leadership (TA)
  • Non-Transactional Leadership styles (Passive, Avoidant) (PA)
  • Outcomes of Leadership (such as Effectiveness, Satisfaction and Extra Effort).

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