The MLQ360 Profile Report Features

Responses are gathered from the individual being surveyed and from associates at a higher level, same level, and a lower level. An additional 'other' group may also be utilised. MLQ Leadership Services capability includes the capability of adding other questions in any survey data collection pass (custom surveys).

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At the individual level:

  • Brief introduction and overview of the Full Range leadership Model
  • Full descriptions of the leadership styles and outcomes with raters
  • Extensive information about how “make the most of your MLQ Report” – an important preparation and guidance base for working with Accredited MLQ Facilitators and a final section giving some general suggestions about individual planning and goal setting in the light of MLQ360 feedback.
  • Some key research findings on Transformational Leadership and the FRLM for clients
  • Research benchmarks are included in full colour profile graphs for each scale which indicate optimal research-based frequency zones
  • Aggregated graphical reporting for each of the nine FRLM factors and the three inbuilt outcome scales with splits by respondent rater level
  • Up to three norms - Global, Australian (or country), market segment or local organisation norm.
  • Selection by reference to the research benchmarks of the top six most frequently displayed Transformational Leadership styles and the lowest six least frequently displayed for each leader-manager
  • Colour coded graphic presentations of Self-Rater gap analysis comparing leader-managers with all other raters by sub-groups across the nine factors
  • A complete reporting of all data in de-identified form made possible by the high control and high ethics policies and practices of MLQ Leadership Services and its Network makes the Profile Report an invaluable resource for in-depth analysis and on-going coaching.
  • Three open-response un-edited fields for unique rater comments regarding -
    • What is admired about the leader-manager
    • What gets in the way of their leadership
    • Suggestions for how the leader-manager can improve their effectiveness
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