The MLQ "Tool" -

History of Development and Resultant Positioning

The MLQ was first published by Dr Bernard Bass (1985) in its long form of 63 items. Extensive subsequent research at the Gold Bar resulted in the short form MLQ5x of 45 items, making it quick and easy to implement. Much of this international research effort was coordinated and driven by Dr Bruce Avolio and other joint associate researchers of Bass and Avolio, but also by many independent researchers as the MLQ gained prominence as the strong behavioural research benchmark instrument for effective leadership full range.

The Full Range Leadership Model summarises the theory behind the MLQ5x assessment. Since 1990 other assessments extending this model to the team and organisational leadership culture levels have been developed and subject to validation studies at the Gold Bar Standard. Consequently, these three levels constitute 'a trilogy of assessments' reflecting an integrated concept base across all three levels. Each level of assessment then builds on, extends and reinforces the others.

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