MLQSelf Assessment Report

(Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire)

Product Description

The MLQSelf Report
The MLQSelf is an easy-to-use application of the MLQ Full Range Leadership Model questions for a leader - manager's own self-assessment.

The respondent is also given opportunity to rate themselves on how they think 'others' see them on the same nine Full Range leadership styles

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The result profile report then enables –

  • Mapping of the leader-manager’s own self-perception in terms of the Full Range Leadership Model
  • Comparison of their self-profile with their estimations of how others would collectively see them on these leadership styles

The MLQSelf...

Is an educative introduction to the Full Range Leadership Model

Is suitable for group courses and workshops in organisations and universities

Is an easy-to-use quick assessment – takes only 10 minutes to complete

Is easy to implement - no other raters are involved

Opens up a reflective learning opportunity for the leader-manager

Is Internet supported through the eTOS.

Implementation can be by Accredited Network Members or on-line with some preparation by MLQ Direct.

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