MLQTeam Report

(Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire for Teams)

Product Description

Attention to the empirical measurement of leadership at the group level has been a neglected area of research and practice. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire for Teams (MLQTeam) has set a lead in usefully assessing group member ratings of how frequently internal group behaviours are exercised within an existing group. (shared / distributed leadership within the group).

The MLQTeam is ideal for –

  • benchmarking pre-post team training
  • introducing group members to the Full Range Leadership Model without the sensitivity of MLQ360 feedback
  • producing diagnostic profiling of the team that links to the outcomes of group performance (as distinct from individual leader performance) to outcomes as a result of shared / distributed leadership.

The assessment is in terms of the Full Range Leadership Model of nine leadership influencing styles – but escalated to the team or group level. These Full Range Leadership Model scales are listed bellow. It provides and reinforces at the group level what the MLQ360 and ODQ provide at the individual level and organisation levels. It therefore compliments and re-enforces these other assessments in the Trilogy.

Like the MLQ360 and MLQSelf, the MLQTeams' dimensions include: Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Non-Transactional Leadership, and outcomes of leadership such as ratings of effectiveness, satisfaction and efficiency.

The MLQTeam is implemented by accredited MLQTeam Consultants (internal or external to the organisation). The group members of a team each rate their impressions of the collective group’s internal influencing styles. Leadership at this level cannot be assumed to be understood by the simple averaging of individual ratings.

The MLQTeam is a companion to the MLQ 360° for individual leaders (for example the team leader) and the ODQ (leadership culture). It can be implemented by Internet through eTOS, by email Excel file, or by paper methods.


The MLQTeam provides a yardstick against which to –

  • diagnose current team performance
  • indicate high leverage team development objectives, and
  • measure future improvements as a consequence of team enhancement strategies
  • A useful first step before having team members undertake the sometimes personally challenging 360-degree feedback using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ).

MLQTeam Report Features