ODQ Report

The Organisational Description Questionnaire
(Organisation Leadership Culture)

Product Description

The Organisational Description Questionnaire (ODQ) is a diagnostic tool for measuring internal perceptions of unit, divisional, departmental or organisational culture.

The ODQ measures the leadership culture of an organisation or department. The questionnaire is based on the distinction between the Transactional and Transformational leadership paradigms in leadership styles of the Full Range Leadership Model. It is a companion to the MLQTeam and MLQ360 in The Trilogy by exploring both the broad and deep aspects of 'culture' that constantly shape perceptions and assumptions within organisations.

The ODQ is used for -

  • Benchmarking leadership culture as an aspect of organisational culture
  • Mapping variations in leadership culture within an organisation
  • Enabling diagnostics about optimal leadership culture for more effective organisational outcomes
  • Driving change interventions to optimise leadership culture through the guided selection of areas needing change.

The ODQ is easy to implement, just taking several minutes to complete the 28 item questionnaire. Respondents simply reply 'true', 'false', or 'uncertain' to each statement. The process is facilitated by the MLQ Accredited Network or by MLQ Direct.

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