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Video - 'e-Leadership' Presentation by Bruce Avolio

A 1-hour presentation at Melbourne University by Bruce Avolio, co-developer of the Full Range Leadership Model™. Professional multiple camera edited program of a lecture presentation given in 2002 to a live audience. USA (VHS) and European (PAL) versions available.

Relevant research publication: Avolio, B.J. and Dodge, G.E. (2001). E-Leadership: Implications for Theory, Research, and Practice. Leadership Quarterly, 11(4), 615-668.

  • Leadership is an essential part of any organisation system which impacts at the individual, group and organisational strategic levels.
  • Explores the relationships between leadership, IT design, and decision-making / communication assumptions in organisations.
  • Proposes that embedded organisational leadership styles and culture patterns are often more powerful than the leadership design assumptions in new IT systems. This can result in the rejection of, or less than optimal utilisation of, such expensive IT systems by organisations.

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Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire: Third edition Manual and Sampler Set.
Bruce J. Avolio and Bernard M. Bass.

This standard reference covers descriptions, applications, theoretical background and development, external validity, a number of contingent issues, construct validation, discriminatory and confirmatory factor analysis, correlations with big five personality, cognitive and personality traits.

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Network Resource Folder

Pre-packaged training notes, PowerPoint® slides, and participant sheets for running your own workshops. Ideal for conducting feedback and training workshops for client organisations and groups for 1-1½ days. Incorporates MLQ Leadership Services assessments and reports.

For use only by accredited MLQ Leadership Services persons.
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