About Us – Research Enquiries and Permissions

MLQ Leadership Services is pleased to facilitate research for the range of assessment scales for which it is licensed to use commercially internationally.

Moreover it routinely receives such research permission requests and enquiries about research related to the MLQ5x scale, MLQTeam assessment and ODQ assessments in particular.

However, MLQ Leadership Services does not itself license research permissions, preferring to refer these onto the publisher in the United States.

For research enquiries regarding the MLQ contact the publisher Mindgarden Inc. (USA):
http://www.mindgarden.com/products/mlqr.htm; Email

Additionally MLQ Leadership Services is able to support particular enquiries about research where appropriate:
Contact us at stating -

  • an outline of the project (scope, purpose, area of application);
  • your location (city and country) and contact details (email and telephone);
  • whether it is part of a university degree, post-graduate degree or thesis, or post-doctoral research or industry research program; and whether ethical review is required.
  • possible commercial practice applications that maybe a part of this research application.

We will then be pleased to assist you, if you have some possible commercial applications simultaneously or subsequently.


Searches for other published information:

Search data-bases with as Psychlit, Social Sciences or management databases using code words such as ‘Transformational’, ‘Transactional’, ‘Full Range Leadership’, ‘MLQ’, ‘MLQ5x’, ‘Team MLQ’, ‘ODQ’, ‘Bass’, ‘Avolio’. This will elicit hundreds of published research articles at the Gold Bar Standard.

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