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MLQ Products and Services are delivered through the MLQ Accredited Network whether internal or external to the client organisation.

Partnerships between client organisations and the external accredited network are encouraged as being in the best interests of the client.

MLQ Pty Ltd trains and accredits persons within client organisations to provide depth of understanding and to assist the effective use of its products and services. However, at critical points involving an external provider is often preferable for many reasons related to building confidence and validity.

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MLQ Direct does not compete with its own Accredited Network.


MLQ Pty Ltd delivers products and services to its Accredited Network at standard charges for services disclosed to and provided by its Network. It does not seek to regulate how these products or services are priced or packaged by its Accredited Network. MLQ Direct operates from the same Accredited Network standard charges for MLQ Products and Services as does its Accredited Network.

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