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Linking Leadership, Management and Appraisal at WHK Greenwoods

Merilyn Speiser
General Manager
Human Resources,

“The MLQ360 Report provides important feedback opportunities for the leadership development of our top principals and executives. Apart from creating opportunities for continuous learning and development, the inclusion of the MLQ360 Report in our appraisal system has provided us with a powerful measurement tool for giving tangible and honest feedback to our senior people about leadership.

“At WHK Greenwoods, the MLQ360 is really now a cornerstone that underpins the dedicated Appraisal Report (ART) we have developed with MLQ leadership Services. We took the standard MLQ360 assessment as a starting point and added our additional 360 degree appraisal questions as part of the same roll-out. We then set weightings to reflect the specific emphases that we felt needed measurement and feedback. So the appraisal process now includes robust 360 feedback as well as a methodology for reporting back the results in a quantifiable way in accordance with our 4 part performance scale. The resultant ART assessment extends beyond appraisal into remuneration decision-making: linking results to remuneration drives behaviours in the direction we need.

“Consequently, most of the annual appraisal review is now focused on the MLQ360 feedback about leadership and management, together with the expected extension strengths as determined by our firm … all now incorporated in the ART sub-scales we developed with MLQ Leadership Services and The Human Enterprise, Sydney.”



“I use an array of 360 degree feedback tools in my leadership development work. The tool I recommend and prefer to use the most is the MLQ360 as I find it takes the mystery out of the concept of leadership, breaking it down into specific, measurable behaviours. It provides the foundation for a robust conversation around leadership, and I witness my clients gaining significant self awareness and developing a solid plan for their leadership growth through the use of this tool”.

Heidi Reeve, Senior Partner, The Human Enterprise
Head Office: Sydney, NSW.
Inspiring corporate soul
(T): ++ 61 - 2 – 99055535


“The MLQ360 product is a structured, efficient and well validated tool for providing feedback that leaders can believe and act on. The online survey takes less than 10 min for each rater to complete and provides detailed and specific behavioural targets for leaders to improve. The developmental actions taken by leaders based on the MLQ feedback produce measurable and sustainable improvements in their leadership effectiveness.

The MLQ team product provides groups with positive, non-threatening and actionable feedback on what they must do as a group to improve their team leadership climate. These products are simple for clients to use, they are action oriented and they work”.

Robert Newman, Principal, Change Focus Group Pty Ltd.
Head Office: Brisbane, Queensland.
(T): ++ 61 - 7 - 3511 0588 ; (F): ++ 61 - 7 - 3511 0577
Web http://www.change-focus.com.au


"MLQ's integrated suite of leadership development instruments focusing on individual, team and organisational leadership effectiveness forms an integral part of our leadership development toolkit. The Full Range Leadership Model (™Bass & Avolio) upon which the instruments are based is a comprehensive, evidence-based leadership model. It is a very solid platform from which to provide effective assistance to clients. We have found the MLQTeam very useful as a means to enhance shared leadership behaviours within senior executive teams in a collaborative and non-threatening way."

Managing Director, Executive Leadership Australia Pty Ltd
Head Office: Bowral NSW.
(T): ++ 61 - 2 - 4887 1112


“The MLQ 360 product is an essential element of the leadership development programme we use. We find it a very valuable tool for providing practical and understandable feedback that existing or aspiring leaders can use.

The second key strength is the structured development plan which provides very practical ideas for people to use when building their plan. This plan produces measureable and repeatable improvements in leadership effectiveness. The product is easy to understand and use.”

Graham Watson, Director, Graham B Watson & Assoc. Ltd
Head Office: Auckland, New Zealand.
(T): ++ 64 - 9 - 5280163


“When it comes to being able to give specific and tangible behaviourally based feedback to leaders, at LDI, we put the MLQ360, MLQTeam and associated range of assessments forward as a key tool in any individual or team development process. It is simple to use for both our consultants and our clients, yet is backed by a highly robust research background that allows reflection against global, local and industry norms.”

More importantly, with our clients are we are able to pinpoint appropriate and specific learning and development opportunities for individuals, teams or groups that can be demonstrated, to have had significant positive effects on the way others experience their leadership behaviour.

Kevin Obermuller, Managing Director, Learning Dimensions International.
Head Office: Melbourne, Victoria.
(T): ++ 61 - 3 - 9510 0477

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