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MLQ International offers free webinars on a range of topics: see the check boxes below. You can register your interest in particular topics and we will then convene webinars on those topics given sufficient numbers interested in each.

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Introducing the FRLM & MLQ360/Self Reports
Linking the reliable and validated measurement of leadership at the Gold Bar Standard with organisational appraisal systems: The ART
What is important in obtaining feedback: Predictive validity re outcomes / etc
Interventions to evolve sustainable transformational cultures: Using the FRLM trilogy of assessment levels
MLQ360 features and benefits / MLQSelf
Q & A – FRLM and the MLQ suite of products
Specialist leadership coaching
Ethics in practice: Essential standards in 360 feedback and leadership development
MLQ360 and Repeat Measures: The CLR
Transformational – transactional leadership and outcomes: links and measures
MLQTeam features and benefits
Transformational – transactional leadership and authentic leadership
ODQ Leadership Culture: features & benefits
Transformational – transactional leadership: links with personality
The MLQ International Leadership and Management Assessment Report System
Transformational – transactional leadership and emotional intelligence: complementary or competitive? Equal measures?
Follow-through for development: establishing validated leadership plans (LDP)
Transformational – transactional leadership: Why the MLQ is “the backbone” for all leadership theories and measures
Follow-through for development: Implementing leadership plans (MILDERS)
Transformational – transactional leadership: research overview update
Features and benefits of Specialist Leadership Coaching: Using science in the coaching reflective space

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